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Line Card

It's all about Power. Whether you need ISO 13485 compliant power supplies, a smart Li-Ion battery pack for a portable device or kilowatts of the highest density green power available, we have a solution for you.

Totex designs and manufactures custom rechargeable battery packs for Medical & Industrial applications as well as a family of custom modular chargers. China and US based engineering & manufacturing, UL 13485, and ISO 9001.

Megmeet is a leading manufacturer of standard & custom industrial and medical grade power supplies. With 350+ engineers, Megmeet is both quick to market and cost effective.

Tadiran's primary and rechargeable cells have the lowest self-discharge rate and widest operating temperatures in the industry. 

Flex is the global leader in high efficiency, high density board level DC/DC converters, and compliant PoL converters.  Here's a snapshot of our New Low Cost PoL Converter!

VPT Power is a leading provider of Hi-Rel power conversion solutions for avionics, military and aerospace, including DC-DC converters and EMI filters. The short lead times, small form factor offerings, and one of the widest variety of modules on the market makes VPT your to-go-place for Hi-Rel power needs. 

EPC Space makes Rad-Hard GaN FETs for space applications. GaN FETs are 10x smaller and 30~40x faster than Si MOSFETs, all while being extremely cost effective. 

Sensitron is a leading manufacturer of high reliability power electronic components for aerospace, defense & medical. Their products provide rugged, light-weight, and cost effective solutions for switching power supplies, AC-DC rectification, power distribution, motor control, transient voltage spike protection and more.  


From image sensors to block and machine vision cameras, from open-frames panel PCs to all-in-one computer and computing solutions, and from storage solutions to fully populated servers, we got you covered. Whether it's a medical, military, or industrial application, we have the solution you are looking for.  

Nextorage Corporation is a new Sony Group company specializing non-volatile/flash memory storage solutions for commercial and industrial applications. 

Foxconn White Box Servers & Cloud Storage Group is the world leading supplier of servers, offering the highest of quality at the most cost competitive on the market. From chassis to a fully populated server, Foxconn will provide you what you need. 

Sony Visual Image Products Group specializes in block, machine vision, 4K and B2B customized solutions. Over 50% of all image sensors in the world are made by Sony, so why not get the full solution as well. 

Mercury Systems is a leader in high density, NSA certified solid state drives for use in mission-critical military & space applications. Mercury also specializes in high density, compact, light-weight, secure rugged servers, certified for defense, aerospace and edge use. Mercury is a preferred partner of Intel, Nvidia and HPE.

Avalue provides single board, embedded computers, all-in-one computers and white box products for applications such as Industrial Automation, Kiosk, POS, POI, Gaming and Medical products.

Teledyne E2V is a global leader in line scan cameras and large format CMOS area sensors for specialty automotive, medical, and industrial applications.

Inventec Corporation is a world leading original design manufacturer (ODM) focused on developing cutting edge technology for cloud computing, wireless communication, IoT, intelligent devices, and more. "Innovation, Quality, Open Mind, and Execution".



The future is all about connected devices, the more connections the better. Whether you need a chipset with Bluetooth and Wi-fi, a system on module with cellular and 5G, a computing module with audio and video connections or a custom solution for the ultimate connected device, we will help you find the perfect fit.

Thundercomm is a joint venture of ThunderSoft and Qualcomm. With Qualcomm's SoC technology and ThunderSoft's powerful operating system technology, Thundercomm has become a world-leading IoT product and solution provider.

Alps Alpine is a global leader in Sensing Devices, Input & Control Electronics, and Connectivity & Communication Technologies.

Realtek is one of the world's largest IC design houses. With 2k+ engineers, Realtek is committed to provide the ultimate in pioneering IC technology, creating unique and innovative design for a broad range of high-tech applications. 


From turnkey, vertically integrated system level solutions to low-volume, high-mix circuit card assembly, and everything in between... our partners give you the lowest cost of ownership and the best supply chain and logistic solutions available anywhere in the world.

Foxconn is the global leader in contract manufacturing and vertically integrated solutions with the world greatest supply and logistic chain. Foxconn's reach is global, with production facilities and R&D centers in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Varigon will help you navigate the Foxconn world among the following locations: 

  • US (Wisconsin)

  • Mexico (Tijuana & Juarez)

  • China (Longhua & Zhengzhou)

  • Europe (Prague, Czech Republic)

  • Brazil ( Sao Paulo & Manaus)

SMTC is a vertically integrated mid-size EMS provider with 5 manufacturing facilities and 3 R&D centers in the US, Canada and Mexico. SMTC focuses on high-end markets - the more complex the better - and has one of the strongest supply chains in North America. 

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