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Complex, life-support applications require specific market experience and knowledge, extremely long-term product availability and the tightest revision control in the industry.

- Market Experience
- Specific Knowledge
- Long-term Product Availability
- Tight Revision Control

Our ISO 13485 and FDA approved suppliers have all that and more.

Heritage.  Legacy.  Traceability.  These are not terms that we throw around lightly. From COTS to Rugged to Class K Space...

- Military
- Aerospace


MIL-PRF-38534/5, MIL-PRF-19500 certified factories assure the highest level of screening and quality for all Hi-Rel devices. From power products to high density memory modules.

Whatever your volume and mix levels, Varigon's suppliers have power, display and interfacing product to meet your budget and schedule.

- High Volume

- Diverse Mix Levels

- Competitive Pricing​​

Varigon suppliers have the Industrial marketplace covered.

Computing, Commercial and Communications. The largest electronics companies in the world serving the largest market in the world.

- Computing

- Commercial

- Communications


That's why HP, Apple, Sun, Motorola, GE and other great companies use the best suppliers - our partners.

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